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Choose from badges in various sizes,
options with metal frame or with no frame.

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 Printed name tags are incredibly convenient in that they can be ordered in large amounts.
The company logo, name, the employee name, and employee position are the pieces of information
that are usually printed on printed name badges.

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Metal Name Tags

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Having decided on the style
of employee ID badges
there is still one more
important decision.

Do you go for the traditional brooch pin, crocodile clip or swivel clip?
Or perhaps you might
consider a ball chain,
neck cord or lanyard?
Then again a magnetic
badge is nowextremely


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Metal Badge

Plastic Name Tag

 metal tags

plastic name id







Magnetic badges have many attractions
but even here caution is advised.
They should not be used if the wearer
has a heart pacemaker or placed near credit card
magnetic strips and suchlike.

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No Setup Fee

The Price of
Name Badge as low as

plastic badge 


metal frames

Many employees dislike pins and clips because they might mark expensive clothing; others have an aversion to chains, cords and lanyards feeling vulnerable to strangulation! Indeed some employers request chains that have a specific breaking strain to protect employees.


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